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Sicilian-Tunisian Hilâl of Traditional Dairy Chain through new technologies

Creation of an institutional network between researchers and actors of the project, in order to transfer knowledge and technologies for the production, conservation, characterisation and optimisation of the traditional historical cheeses made from raw sheep’s milk in the region of Beja – Tunisia. The discovery that the historical and cultural traditions of these territories (Sicily and Tunisia) are closely linked, since the Sicilo-Sardinian sheep breed was introduced in the Northeast of Tunisia in the 18th century by the Sicilian breeders, is the strong point of this project, in particular for the sustainable development of rural areas affected by the risk of depopulation. The exchange of know-how and common experiences has a positive impact on the socio-economic context, in order to encourage territorial integration, as well as the defence and promotion of traditional dairy products.

Duration: 18 months